ScopVision: The true simple vision of a production tool

Intended for users without computer knowledge, ScopVision is a solution giving access to simple functionalities. The goal is to give average users the view of a production tool without complexity.

My Jobs - Dashboard


ScopVision owns an easy to use GUI dédicate to users which allows to visualise theirs jobs and do easy actions.  En lien direct avec ScopIOM, solution d’ordonnancement éditique, My Jobs présente un frontal destiné aux utilisateurs.


The user follows in real time the jobs he is in charge of. He gets filtering and action functionalities. Thus the user may, in accordance with the rights given by the administrator, pause, stop or start a job. He might have a restricted view of jobs related to specific users or devices.


A dashboard is available with ScopVision. It gives the user the possibility, with one single interface, to check his jobs progression or any job the administrator granted him access right to. With a single click on a section the user will access files in that status.

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