Who are we?

At the heart of companies’ concerns, information systems, which have now become complex, require the implementation of tools that combine economy and ecology in the document production and distribution chain.

DATA SYSCOM, the specialist in desktop publishing software solutions, offers you its technological expertise in order to satisfy your needs in terms of Output Management, transformation/manipulation of flows and/or the provision of your documents.

For more than 35 years, DATA SYSCOM has been sharing its experience with its customers through customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

DATA SYSCOM‘s clients include companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity: banks, insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, hospitals, local, territorial or national administrations, printing service providers, manufacturers, service providers, and many others…

DATA SYSCOM can intervene on the different processes of routing your documents and application status, from their reception to their distribution (printing, availability…) and thus covers the entire publishing chain. His constant concern: to tangibly reduce costs and improve your company’s productivity.

By offering a range of modular and complementary software, we work with you to build the ideal platform: the one that perfectly suits your strategy.

Application maintenance offer

Always closer to its customers, our team is now able to support users in the “practical” operation of their solutions. As a customer happiness, we want our customers to be efficient, autonomous, efficient and happy to use our solutions. Now we can support them, not only in getting to grips with the solution, but also in managing their flows
and their documents. This more global offer is a real added value for our customers who secure the production of their documents with the support of a dedicated technical team.

  • Headquarters in Le Mans (France)

    DATA SYSCOM is based in Le Mans but is present all over the world.

  • 15 employees

    A team of 15 employees is at your service from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

  • 3/4 of the team has technical skills

    To answer your questions, 3/4 of our team has advanced technical skills on our products.

Consulting, audit

Thanks to its consulting team, DATA SYSCOM analyses the existing “organisational and technical approach” and then directs you towards the appropriate solution to meet your needs.

All the solutions proposed by DATA SYSCOM can be demonstrated, mocked or piloted. A system of temporary keys allows the tools to be temporarily installed in the customer’s environment for better validation.

DATA SYSCOM brings you its expertise in the field of desktop publishing. Our team will guide you towards an adapted and personalized solution, our goal being to increase your productivity and to have a R.O.I (Return on Investment) in the following months.


DATA SYSCOM offers its customers a complete and adapted training offer allowing users to acquire a total mastery of the solution. The trainings are given by experts and will guide and adapt to the learners to lead them towards success! DATA SYSCOM has the status of a training organization under the number: 52720099672

Maintenance, Support

A high-performance “hot-line” service available to answer your technical questions, Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm (except on public holidays).

contact: info@datasyscom.fr

Integration, development

Since each work environment is different, DATA SYSCOM is also an integrator and allows you to customize your solution through specific developpment.