ScopOffice – Easily create and distribute your documents

Creating and sending documents are important issues in business. How to create a document easily, quickly and easily? With ScopOffice solutions, DATA SYSCOM offers an easy-to-use set of tools. Produced with the support of studies on ergonomics and user feedback, ScopOffice offers tools to easily create a mail and distribute it electronically or paper.

ScopOffice also allows the sending of electronic documents to electronic systems: electronic safe, electronic archiving, electronic registered letter … With the support of partners specialized in their field, DATA SYSCOM offers a complete solution to accompany its customers in their digital or paper projects.

Solutions for creating and sending documents


Solution for creating and sending mail

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Solution for sending documents to electronic destinations (archiving, electronic registered letter, electronic safe …)

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Solution for sending documents to Digiposte electronic safes

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Solution de gestion des impressions

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Print Sampler

Overlays automation solution

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