ScopMaster+: Centralization and electronic document management

ScopMaster+™ enables the centralization, retrieval and dissemination of documents from one or more information systems. Acting as a documentary centralizer, the solution indexes all the documents entrusted to it. ScopMaster+™ allows users to retrieve one or more documents in seconds.

Find information instantly

Easy to use

Manage all your documents in one interface

Key features

  • Indexing

    ScopMaster+™ indexes all the batches of documents entrusted to it. This information (name, amount, number, etc.) can thus become search criteria. In parallel, ScopMaster+™ also indexes all the text present in these batches.

  • Searching

    ScopMaster+™  offers advanced search features. The user can search for information using a value, using a value common to several documents or by any term present in the searched file. These criteria are cumulative and can find the right documents in a few seconds. The result of the search is highlighted in the document.

  • Viewing

    Users can view and navigate through all the documents they access directly from  ScopMaster+™.

  • Security

    ScopMaster+™ offers rights management by group and by user. The solution proposes the definition of group with specific authorizations of deposit, consultation and on the various possible actions.


  • Find the right information quickly

    ScopMaster+™ indexes all the documents entrusted to it. With the help of new high-performance technologies, ScopMaster+™ allows users to retrieve one or more documents in seconds.

  • Reduce your printings

    No need to print your documents to check them or send them to the envelope. With ScopMaster+™, check and check your documents via the interface. Make them available to your users and reduce your printing and postage costs.

  • Your files are processed in one click

    ScopMaster+™  is able to work directly on batches of documents directly from information systems. To get the solution offers a set of features for searching, sorting, filtering, grouping and sending documents. Easy to use, the solution allows you to view and download the desired documents very simply.

  • Software interfaces tailored to your needs

    ScopMaster+™ benefits from an important work done on interfaces and uses to offer an optimal user experience.

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