ScopHybrid™ supports you in sending your mail, both individual and industrial

An all-in-one solution to create mail and send it without having to move around

The mail solution ScopHybrid™ allows all postal sending operations to be carried out automatically and in a standardised way from a workstation. Once the mail has been prepared by the user, ScopHybrid™ takes care of its finalization, presentation, printing and dispatch. The mail is then processed internally or outsourced to a printing service provider and will join the business flows. The result is time savings, reduced production costs, better quality of the final rendering and increased productivity of the services concerned.

How does it work?

You create a text from your business application or office suite, you send it to ScopHybrid™ to define some essential parameters (what envelope? what type of sending?…..) and that’s it!

Click on Send and proceed to the next mail!

We’ll take care of the rest! (we print and insert using your in-house tools or entrust your flows to our contacts, known and recognized in the market)

Discover how our software plays the role of print centre orchestra conductor!

A short video (and pictures) are worth all the speeches!

Answer all requests

A simple letter? Recommended? Internally to a colleague? ScopHybrid™ can send any document (Office, PDF, text, business applications…) anywhere.

Automate your outgoing document sending

In one click I send a letter to the other end of France!

Simplify your life

No more supplies to manage, no more problems with the printer…

Save money

Fewer and smarter impressions! (colour, recto/verso, professional quality of your internal/external production centre)…