Input Output management

Input Output management expert, DATA SYSCOM offers a large range of solutions for the document flow managing.

Historically a print and input out management expert, DATA SYSCOM offers a complete range of Input Output management products (Company document flow management).Installed architectures will allow you to manage all documents produced by your IT systems.

Thus, your bills, account statements, pay slips, order forms, contribution notices, etc. could be received/sent to various devices such as printers, Fax, e-mails, archiving or provisional tools, in a secured way.

You can choose your document emitting channel which will allow you to achieve two major objectives:

  • Increased productivity
  • Less print output, therefore cost reduction

You will also get the possibility to better the quality, therefore the impact, of your documents by adding form overlays, logos, images and their customization based upon the recipients.

Printshop (press printing) - Finishing line

Powerful functionalities

Our solutions bring you print flow control and management thanks to the following functionalities:

  • Input/Output flow management control
  • Various devices delivery (local or remote)
  • Tasks sequencing
  • Automatic or manual purge of obsolete documents
  • Spool management
  • Document improvement and customization
  • User access management and security
  • Output devices monitoring and alerts integration
  • Cost control
  • Process monitoring
  • All document types viewing
  • Accounting
  • Embedded user interface for major print market actors
  • Increased productivity

Our mission

  • Manage your document production efficiently

    Our solutions allow users to manage the production of their documents, set priorities according to their flow constraints.

  • Bring business expertise

    Redirect print to specific printers: Black and white, color … and enveloping machines

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