ScopDesign – Compoze and customize your documents

The composition of the document is a fundamental step. At the same time a symbol of the company and a real communication tool, a well-composed document is a strong lever for productivity.

The composition of documents is defined as the fusion of computer data from an information system and models of desktop publishing documents. From this fusion is born a document called “compound” shaping the processed data.

This merge allows the generation of a PDF document (invoice, pay slip, statement, administrative document) or the printing of this document. A logo, a page background, a layout, variable elements (a reminder, a deadline, a mention, an image, an advertisement …) will potentially be affixed.

The production of these documents is done in batch (pre-established industrial flow with the objective of rapid mass processing), on request (specific production of documents) or in interactive mode (taking into account the recipient of the document in the preparation of the document document).

Elaborate business features

If you deal with raw input formats such as TXT, XML, Record based… needing to be composed, you could thanks to our composition solutions, dynamically composed your documents disregarding constructors constraints. That composition will allow you to transform your input flows in documents which will be output in standard market formats such as AFP, PCL, PDF, Postscript or specific formats (ZEBRA ZPL II).

If you have already formatted input flows composed by standard market tools (Dialog, Doc1, OpenPrint, StreamServ.), you can use, as do many of our customers, the full power of our batch solutions to manage them.

Interactive document composition solution


Interactive composition solution

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