ScopTransform – Conversion

DATA SYSCOM offers a wide range of format conversion solutions

The proprietary formats, forced by printer vendors, made customers bound to specific printers.

Willing to avoid a more expensive investment, customer then expressed its need for a production print conversion.

So as to answer that need, DATA SYSCOM enlightened its conversion product suite with worldwide known product suitable to a production environment.

Those tools can handle formats such as AFP, IPDS, METACODE, DJDE or VIPP. These flow converted to standard Postscript for printing or PDF for viewing (other output format are available such as TIFF and PCL).

Those tools manage AFP or Xerox external resources, for a perfect rendering similar to previously printed documents.

DATA SYSCOM keeps on improving its offer in that domain, relying on its partners :

  • MPI Tech ( IPDS and AFP solutions )
  • Solimar Systems (SPDE, iCONVERT and SolScript)