ScopTransform – Convert your print flows

Supporting and converting print flows from one format to another meets a crucial challenge: the universal processing of documents. With ScopTransform ™, your feeds are supported from your information system, converted and directed to the output device. ScopTransform ™ addresses key issues:

  • Support and conversion of the most used formats: AFP, IPDS, PostSript, PCL, PDF …
  • Guaranteed performance with high-speed spool conversion capability
  • Perfect quality with the assurance of an identical result before and after the conversion

Flow transformation and conversion solutions

MPITech BlueServer Solutions

Professional conversion solution for AFPDS streams IPDS and SCS, AFP to PDF data

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Solutions MPITech Fast Parser

Professional conversion solution from AFP to PDF, IPDS to PDF, PostScript and Images

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MPITech Parser for Web Solutions

AFP search, visualization, conversion, backup and validation solution

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