DigiConnect: Send your documents to Digiposte

DATA SYSCOM signed a partnership agreement with the French POST OFFICE to integrate and sell the DIGIPOSTE solution. This one allows to completely automate the transfer of Output documents from a company applications to send them to DIGIPOSTE individual electronic vaults.

It consists of a batch processor enlightened by new functionalities, especially in terms of indexing, PDF splitting, pre-membership management and flow dispatching, which ensure a simple, reliable and secure transfer of administrative documents to, in particular, DIGIPOSTE end users digital vaults.

The solution is able to manage memberships, to split output flows, to allow publishing or printing of employee documents. Entirely secured, the platform warranties the integrity, the traceability and the retaining of all documents for the complete employee career.

Gain time

Increase productivity

Automate your output documents delivery

Earn money

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