ScopIOM™ : control your print flows

The control of flows is at the heart of the problems faced by large customers. DATA SYSCOM offers its expertise with its scheduling engine ScopIOM™ responding to all flow management issues.

Presentation of ScopIOM™

ScopIOM™ is the combination of a desktop publishing scheduling engine and a print, spool and printer flow management tool. It covers the entire chain of input/output processes of your flows.

It provides a simple, fast and secure management of your treatments in real time via a web interface. ScopIOM™ has many features to meet your every need.

With the recent development of new and more efficient modules, ScopIOM™ provides a simple and complete response to all customer problems in the field of flow management.

scopiom manage your flows

Find out how ScopVision™ offers a new vision of ScopIOM™.

Global view of the entire production on a single screen

Stability of the application in all circumstances

Access and use through a simple web browser

Key functions

  • A complete management of your industrial desktop publishing

    Do your print requirements exceed millions of pages? Entrust your flows to the scheduling engine. Fast and responsive, it is capable of taking into account large flows, processing them and sending them to your print fleet.

  • Flow scheduling and integration with business solutions

    ScopIOM™ is also capable of coupling with a conversion, composition and TRL (sorting, grouping, subdivision) engine. When your flows are received in the solution, the engine calls upon these processes to execute them and to follow up on your processing with a permanent concern for quality and speed of execution..

  • Sending flows to electronic destinations

    Perfectly controlling the sending of your flows in your desktop publishing center, ScopIOM™ also ensures the sending of flows to dematerialized destinations. Ces nouvelles fonctionnalités permettent de s’adapter à l’évolution des usages. Ainsi ScopIOM™ can send your flow to an electronic archiving system, an electronic safe, by electronic registered letter or make it available electronically in the solution ScopMaster+™.


  • A complete management of your flows in a single interface

    WithScopIOM™, you manage all your feeds in a single interface. Accessible via a simple browser, ScopIOM™ offers operators to efficiently manage the production of documents..

  • A significant time saving

    Optimizing the management of your print flows saves a lot of time and allows the equipment in your print center to tackle new tasks or take into account new processes.

  • Printer management

    ScopIOM™ allows you to manage your printing flows. Quickly and easily direct your flows to one or more printers. Thanks to a powerful system of retention and release of print jobs, you will be autonomous and efficient on the production of your documents.