ScopIOM: Schedule your desktop publishing

ScopIOM is the union of a batch engine and print flow spool and printers management tool, ScopIOM covers the complete Input/Output flow processing steps.

It will ensure, via a WEB interface, a quick, secure and easy management of your process in real time. ScopIOM has numerous functionalities to answer each of your needs. With recent development of new efficient add-on modules, ScopIOM brings a simple but complete answer to customer issues in the flow management domain.

ScopIOM include functionalities for Input management, process management and monitoring. Thanks to its Web interface, its simple and intuitive ergonomy, its granularity and flexibility is the answer to your print flow management problematic.

ScopIOM: manage your flows

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Overview of production on one screen

Access and use with a web browser

Stability of the application under all circumstances

Key functions

  • Complete management of your industrial desktop publishing

    Your printing needs exceed millions of pages? Entrust your flows to the ScopIOM scheduling engine. Fast and responsive, it is able to take into account large flows, process them and send them to your printing fleet.

  • Flow scheduling and integration with business solutions

    ScopIOM™ is also able to be coupled to a conversion, composition and TRL (sorting, grouping, subdivision) engine. When you receive your flows in the solution, the engine uses these processes to execute them and follow your processing with a permanent concern for quality and speed of execution.

  • Sending flows to electronic destinations

    With perfect control over the sending of your flows to your desktop publishing centre, ScopIOM™ also ensures that flows are sent to dematerialized destinations. These new functionalities make it possible to adapt to changing uses. Thus ScopIOM™ can send your flow to an electronic archiving system, an electronic safe, by electronic registered letter or make it available electronically in the ScopMaster™ solution.


  • Une gestion complète de vos flux en une interface unique

    Avec ScopIOM, vous gérez l’ensemble de vos flux en une seule interface. Accessible via un simple navigateur, ScopIOM propose à des opérateurs de gérer efficacement la production de documents.

  • Un gain de temps important

    L’optimisation de la gestion de vos flux d’impression permet un gain de temps important et autorise les équipements de votre centre éditique à s’atteler à de nouvelles tâches ou à prendre en compte de nouveaux traitements.

  • Gestion des imprimantes

    ScopIOM vous permet une gestion fine des flux d’impressions. Aiguillez rapidement et simplement vos flux vers un ou plusieurs imprimantes. Grâce à un système performant de retenue et de relâche des travaux d’impressions, vous serez autonome et performant sur la production de vos documents.

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