ScopVision™ : Benefit from the power of a production tool

Intended for a non-computer user, ScopVision™ is a solution giving access to simple functionalities. The objective is to give a vision of a production tool without complexity to ordinary users.


ScopVision™ is a simplified interface dedicated to users allowing them to view their work and perform simple actions. In direct link with ScopIOM™, a desktop publishing scheduling solution, ScopVision™ presents a front-end for users.


The user follows in real time the work for which he is responsible. It has filtering and action features. Thus, the user can, according to the rights assigned to him by the administrator: pause, stop or start a job. It can also give a reduced view of work from certain people or connected to certain devices.


To easily manage its work, ScopVision™ offers an interface in the form of a dashboard to supervise and manage in real time the evolution of the status of its operations.

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