ScopProduction™ : Manage your incoming and outgoing flows

Document production is the main step symbolizing desktop publishing.

From a “binary” state to a material state (paper), production is a complex stage where the contribution of business solutions is essential to guarantee a faithful and relevant result.

Historically specialists in desktop publishing and flow transformation, DATA SYSCOM and MPI Tech offer a complete range of Input-Output Management products (management of corporate document flows): ScopProduction.

The architectures implemented will allow you to manage all the documents produced by your information systems. Thus, your invoices, statements of account, pay slips, purchase orders, calls for contributions, etc. can be received/sent to different media such as printers, faxes, e-mails, archiving tools or provision, in a secure manner.

You will be able to choose the distribution channel for your documents, which will allow you to achieve two major objectives:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced paper output, therefore lower costs

With ScopProduction, you will also be able to improve the quality, and therefore the impact, of your documents by integrating backgrounds, logos, images and by customizing them according to the recipients.

Printshop (press printing) - Finishing line

Elaborate business functionalities

Our solutions provide you with the management and control of your publishing flows thanks to the following functionalities

  • Management control of input/output flows
    Conversion of print flow formats
    Expertise in the management of AFP / IPDS flows
    Distribution to various devices (local or remote)
    Job chaining
    Automatic or manual purging of obsolete documents
    Spool management
    Document enhancement and personalization
    Management and security of user access
    Supervision of destinations and integration of alerts
    Cost control
    Processing follow-up
    Visualization of all types of documents
    Embedded user interface on the market’s leading printers
    Increased productivity

Our mission

  • Manage your document production efficiently

    Our solutions allow users in an organization to manage the production of their documents, define priorities to their flow according to constraints.

  • Provide business expertise

    Direct the prints to specific printers: black and white, color… and enveloping machines

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