ScopSubmit™ : Submit your files from a simple, user-friendly and secure interface

ScopSubmit™ : Send your flows and control their processing

By offering a solution for submission, control and supervision of processing, ScopSubmit™ offers its users a new interface allowing total and easy control of flows. With this solution, it becomes easy to perform operations without advanced computer skills.

Technically simple

New entry point of ScopIOM™, desktop publishing scheduler, the ScopSubmit™ solution allows the sending of a flow as well as a set of parameters simultaneously without complex settings. Indeed, the administrator generates pre-configured forms beforehand to facilitate the user in his submissions.

Easy to use

Easy, simple and visual, ScopSubmit™ allows a user to benefit, for example, from the power of business software (conversion, composition…) or to send to a destination (printing, electronic safe).

ScopSubmit™ offers users with no advanced computer skills the possibility of processing a large file from an information system or an extract from a database (in PDF format).

Ready for SaaS

The ScopSubmit™ solution is multi-client. Each customer has a partitioned and customizable environment where they can securely drop off their files and perform actions.